Due to the lack of available inventory, our trailer sales division will respond to inquiries within 7-10 days.

Maintenance Schedule

Below is a list of a few of the services we provide. 


Function Required

Weekly 3 Month or 3,000 Miles 6 Month or 6,000 Miles 12 Month or 12,000 Miles
Brakes  Test that they are operational 

 Brake adjustment   Adjusted proper operating clearance (not required with never-adjusted-breaks). 

 Brake magnets  Respect for wear and current draw

Brake linings Inspect for wear and contamination

Brake Controller   Check for correct average and modulation. 

 Brake cylinders  Check for leaks, sticking

 Brake lines  Inspect for cracks, leaks, kinks

 Trailer brake wiring   Respect wire for bare spots, fray, etc. 

 Breakaway system   Check battery charge and switch operation 

 Hub/drum   Inspect for abnormal wear or scoring 

 Wheel bearings and cups   Inspect for corrosion or wear. Clean and repack 

 Seals   Inspect for leakage. Replace it removed. 

 Springs   Inspect for ware, loss of arch 

 Suspension parts  Inspect for bending, loose fasteners and wear

 Suspension with boss and equalizers   Grease 

 Extreme duty bushing  Grease

 Hangers   Inspect welds 

 Wheel nuts and bolts  Inspect to specific torque values

 Wheels   Inspect for cracks, dense, or distortion. 

Tire inflation pressure Inflate tires to manufacturer specifications

 Tire condition   Inspect for cuts, where, bulging, etc.